Le Moulin de Parrot
Le Moulin de Parrot, Barbara Mellor, Resistance: One Woman's Defiance in Occupied France, Agnès Humbert


7 September 2008 : Sunday Times

War and Peace: How a derelict water mill in southwest France put the translator on the trail of a resistance heroine

" As we rounded the bend in the rutted lane, there it stood in the hot sunshine, encircled by wild-flower meadows and a meandering trout stream, its medieval walls rising from the river bed and topped by a huge stone roof supported (just) by beams hewn from mighty oak trees by some Aveyronnais Obélix...

It was to prove more than merely a renovation challenge. It was also to lead to one of my most fascinating projects: translating the memoirs of a French heroine of the second world war, Agnès Humbert, and getting them published in English for the first time, more than 60 years after they were written." (Read the full article)

Barbara Mellor

Resistance: One Woman's Defiance in Occupied France, by Agnès Humbert, translated by Barbara Mellor. (Find out more)